Silk Pillowcases Can Help Soothe Problem Skin-Here’s Why…

Enjoying the feeling of comfortable and healthy skin is not just about getting eight hours of sleep a night. Facial skin will also benefit from giving some thought to the types of material in the pillowcases we use. After all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. And, there are many silk pillowcase benefits […]

3 Reasons Seaweed Can Help Treat Rosacea

Three Reasons Seaweed Can Help Treat Rosacea Seaweed is highly anti-inflammatory and calms skin. Seaweed helps strengthen skin. Seaweed is rich in nutrients…up to 10 times more than any land plant! If you suffer from Rosacea along with Renee Zellwegger, Cameron Diaz and Bill Clinton, it is important to use gentle products which are as close […]

Easter in Ireland

A time of new beginnings and a sign that summer is just around the corner following a cold, bleak winter, Easter in Ireland is usually enjoyed by many people, whether religious or not. It is a gloriously, long weekend with a real sense of spring-time renewal. The Donegal skies are beautifully sunny here this morning […]

3 Wonderful Irish Christmas Poems for You to Enjoy

I have chosen three of my favourite Irish Christmas poems to share with you as we go into December 2018. They are… “A Christmas Childhood” by Patrick Kavanagh “Christmas Eve” by Celia and Ruth Duffin “The Magi” by William Butler Yeats Enjoy! From Patrick Kavanagh Collected Poems A Christmas Childhood by Patrick Kavanagh This poem […]

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