Seaweed Recipe Books


Irish Seaweed Kitchen by Prannie Rhatigan




“Irish seaboard lore, recipes old and new, nutritional information and personal anecdote combine with the faintest hint of nostalgia in this refreshingly original mix of common sense and practical cookery. Sourcing, identifying, preparing and storing seaweed for culinary use are all clearly explained in addition to a remarkable collection of over 150 easy-to-follow, creative and delicious recipes, including tips and hints. Designed to facilitate seaweed users from novice to experienced, there is also a full seaweed recipe index for ease of use and a chart outlining the nutritional properties of each seaweed. Over 100 colour photographs and original line drawings represent not simply the foods featured, but also provide a glimpse of a unique west of Ireland lifestyle and landscape. Beautifully written and illustrated, the compelling pages highlight seaweeds as a valuable, flavoursome and versatile food recognised for its positive impact on health. A book to cherish for both its presentation of seaweeds as a culinary component in a highly approachable way, and for its charming sense of time and place.”

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Extreme Greens : Understanding Seaweeds by Sally McKenna



“Sally McKenna’s new book, Extreme Greens, reveals the culinary, health and cosmetic wonders of seaweeds, one of our greatest natural resources. With more than 80 exciting recipes, from dilisk togarashi to mussel, coconut and kelp soup to steamed monkfish with furikake and wasabi mash, Extreme Greens is the first book to fully explore the multitude of ways in which seaweeds can form a vital part of our diet, thereby bringing the most health-giving plants in the natural world straight to our tables. But, in tandem with its culinary deliciousness, seaweeds also bring a raft of health benefits to the eater. Some of the book s discoveries and revelations about the qualities of our native seaweeds are astonishing: * seaweed has twice as much Vitamin C as orange juice * seaweed is the source of umami, the fifth taste * seawater contains the same concentration of minerals and elements as human plasma * seaweed helps with weight loss and decreases food cravings * kelp protects against high blood pressure * seaweed is prescribed post-chemotherapy as it removes pollutants from the body * seaweed has 50 times the amount of iron as spinach * there are over 70 trace elements in sea salt * seaweed is 10 times higher in calcium than cow’s milk * seaweed contains all the minerals and trace elements necessary for human health. Extreme Greens is much more then a cookery book, however, for Sally McKenna also explains how to recognise and forage for your own seaweeds around the coast, how to make gorgeous natural beauty products using seaweeds, and even how to get seaweeds to make the vegetables in your garden tastier and more healthful.”

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