Wild Irish Seaweed : Asparagopsis Armata

An Introduction to Asparagopsis Armata "We have lingered in the chambers of the sea By sea- girls wreathed with seaweed, red and brown T.S.Eliot   Asparagopsis Armata is one of the marine red algae which have the most elaborate life cycles of all the marine algae. It has two distinct life cycles and they are so different that at one time it was thought to be two different species. Its colour can range from pale pink through to red and bright purple, with bushy, pyramid shaped tufts growing to around 30cm in length in the intertidal and subtidal zones of

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Wild Irish Seaweed : The Story of Irish Moss

"She'd pick her bag of carrageen, or perries through the surf" J.M.Synge   Irish moss, isn’t really a moss at all, but actually a seaweed, or sea vegetable as they are becoming more commonly known. With kind permission of David Fenwick @ www.Aphotomarine.com Although a small, red algae it has a dramatic colour range from yellow-green through to dark red and purple. It is a relatively small marine plant among the seaweed populations of our oceans, reaching up to a little over 20cm in length, and grows in the cold waters off the rocky Atlantic coastlines of Ireland,

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Roscara’s Story

The vast resources of the underwater world have been harvested by humans over the centuries, and in Ireland there is an age old tradition of using Irish seaweed for all sorts of health benefits, including the treatment of skin complaints ranging from the mild to severe...

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Roscara Skin Rescue Soothing Lotion

The Irish Moss used as the main, active ingredient is harvested by hand from the clean, clear and unpolluted waters around Rathlin Island which lies off the north coast of County Antrim, and is the most northernmost point in Northern Ireland. Irish Moss, when mixed to body lotions, turns your dry, rough, patchy skin into smooth, silky, hydrated, glowing skin.  You will find that the lotion is incredibly versatile, a true multi-tasker and can provide relief for a wide variety of skin complaints. Personally, I am delighted to present my  Skin Rescue Soothing Lotion to you, so that you may enjoy the