5 Easy to Make Juice Recipes to Hydrate Your Skin

5 Easy to Make Juice Recipes to Hydrate Your Skin Do you want some easy to make juice recipes to hydrate your skin? Do you want something that you can prepare yourself within a few a minutes? Easy juices you can add to your day knowing that they will help you feel good and moisturise your skin. 5 easy juice recipes are :- Carrot and Apple Juice Orange and Apple Juice Carrot, Cucumber and Apple Juice Lemon and Watermelon Juice Apple and Lemon Juice These recipes do not require any hard effort. You can prepare them without any difficulty at [...]

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9 Perfect Irish Seaweed Gifts for Women

Looking for that perfect, unusual gift for a special someone? Or, exploring fabulous skincare products for yourself? Help is at hand with this Guide for 9 Perfect Irish Seaweed Skincare Gifts for Women...from the fabulous Green Angel Irish Seaweed Skincare range. They have won loads of awards for their products. Rich, luxuriant and created from the signature HAND-HARVESTED, ORGANIC IRISH SEAWEED which is gentle and loving to your skin. SEAWEED CAN BE YOUR SECRET TO BEAUTIFUL SKIN SEAWEED in skincare acts as a barrier to protect the skin. Sinking deep down into the epidermis to nourish and hydrate skin cells, [...]

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