Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed Bath

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Moisturizes and treats even the most unmanageable skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis, molluscum contagiosum, rosacea, cold sores, acne, rashes and sunburns.

It stops itch in its tracks.

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Roscara Seaweed Bath

Moisturizes and treats even the most unmanageable skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis, molluscum contagiosum, rosacea, cold sores, acne, rashes and sunburns.

Roscara Lotion


Hand-harvested from the pristine Atlantic waters off the beautiful coast of Ireland!

Seaweed contains up to 10 times more nutrients than any land plant.

Roscara Seaweed Baths are beneficial for all skin types, and suitable for all the family.

A centuries-old remedy to help you make peace with troubled skin, calming itch, soothing irritated or inflamed skin and promoting healthy skin.

It is 100% natural, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic.

Roscara Seaweed Bath is good for three baths.

When it comes to finding a solution to your problem skin, look no further than Roscara Seaweed Bath to bring you a gift from the ocean so that you can enjoy the healing benefits of  Wild Irish Irish seaweed in the comfort and convenience of your own home.



6 reviews for Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed Bath

  1. Sarah Dean

    I’ve been using this lotion as a moisturizer for several weeks and was pleasantly surprised to find that I no longer get my adult acne flare ups (which have been constantly on my face the last couple of years ).
    My face is hydrated and clear – wonderful stuff.

  2. Toni

    While away from home recently – I felt the tell tale tingle of cold sores starting along my lower lip and the little row of lumps starting. I didn’t have the usual things with me Abreva or Zovirax so my friend gave me some of her Roscara telling me it was naturally anti viral. I was skeptical but gave it a go anyway – I was amazed at them being completely gone when I woke up – well I keep a bottle with me always ever since.

  3. Shelley Naughton

    I just want to say that I found this lovely soothing gel and am hooked! I get flaky skin on my face especially in the winter months that can look a bit like eczema and is really itchy and a real pain to deal with but this gel is so soothing I have been able to use it round my eyes ! Brilliant and its all natural not a steroid in sight I will keep a stash in for my dry skin conditions . Thank you Roscara!

  4. Rosaline Callaghan

    Hi Shelley,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a review. I am delighted you found Roscara soothed your skin and I take great pride that there is not a steroid in sight.

    Thank you for being a valued customer.

    Best Wishes,


  5. Rosaline Callaghan

    Hi Toni,

    Thank you for being one of our valued customers and for taking the time to leave a Review. The active ingredient in Roscara, Carrageen Moss, is a natural anti-viral and we have had quite a few reports from other people who were also pleased at the effect it had on their cold sores.

    Best Wishes,


  6. Rosaline Callaghan

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your support for Roscara and being one of our valued customers.

    Roscara is very soothing for acne, clearing up the eruptions and promoting healthy skin.

    As I am sure you experienced, Roscara is a gentle lotion and does not cause any burning, sometimes associated with other acne products.

    Best Wishes,


  7. Angela Bishop (verified owner)

    I use the Roscara seaweed lotion every morning on my face and it’s wonderful! It sinks in the skin very quickly and leaves my skin very soft and moisturised. I suffer a bit with acne and oily skin and It has really helped to calm my skin down. Thank you.

  8. Rosaline Callaghan

    Dear Angela,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments and I am absolutely thrilled about the results you are getting with the Roscara Lotion. I certainly love the fact that it calms your skin. One of the things I hate about living with psoriasis is when my skin feels on fire, especially my face. So, over the moon that you are getting the skin relief you wanted. Remember, you are more than welcome to email me at any time if you have any particular questions about your skin. I would be delighted to help.

  9. Brandi

    This lotion is amazing and has had such a positive impact on my son’s molluscum contagiosum. From what i had read online and from what his pediatrician said there was no real successful treatment options. I panicked because his bumps were spreading so fast it was overwhelming. While waiting for two months to see a pediatrician i stumbled upon this product. Once we started this lotion, the spreading stopped immediately and his body started to fight this virus off. He was almost all better before we even got to the dermatologist. So thankful for this wonderful lotion. What peace it has given our family!

  10. rosaline Callaghan (verified owner)

    Hi Brandi,
    Thank you very much for your wonderful review. I am delighted Roscara Lotion helped your son’s molluscum contagiosum.
    Many customers are saying it helped them. The panic must be hard to deal with as a parent.
    Seaweed is highly anti-viral as you now know 🙂
    I appreciate you taking the time to give feedback. Your custom and support of Roscara is very much appreciated.

  11. Julesboo

    I have used this product and found that it really soothed my psoriasis. The gel is lovely to use as there is no stickiness to it. LIving in a hot climate it can be kept in the fridge, giving extra ease in the coolness when applied.

    In reading through the reviews above I am thrilled to learn of the use of this wonderful gel in treating colds sores. Most definitely a great product to keep at all times ?

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