Seaweed- A Natural Treatment for Itch

Seaweed- A Natural Treatment for Itch

One of the things I’ve found the most difficult with having psoriasis for 44 years is the itch.

I was 16 years old when psoriasis spots covered me from head to toe practically overnight.

So much of my body was covered in the painful, itchy pink teardrops of guttate psoriasis, that I had to stay in hospital the first time for 11 weeks until my skin cleared.

This was in 1976 and I had never even heard the word “psoriasis” before.

How to Treat Itch 

Sometimes, my itchy skin was hardly noticeable and at other times it was fiery, brutal and constant.

I have had countless dark nights of the soul when I couldn’t sleep.

Many times I cried hot tears of frustration at the intense discomfort and begged the universe for some sort of relief.

Then after the rough night, crawling into work exhausted, trying to put on a face of normality which, I am sure, just added more stress to my worn-out system.

And, for some reason, the life problems in trying to live life with your skin at war and the largest organ of your body feeling like it is covered in that horrible itching powder many of us had poured down the backs of our school jumpers are not talked about very much.

So, I want to share with you some suggestions for dealing with the itch, and to give you some comfort that you are not alone.


This is one of the last photographs taken of me before my very own skin went to war.

I am top left.

For most of my life, I managed to avoid cameras as I was either covered in psoriasis or covered in the brown, burned skin effect patches that resulted from treatments like Dithrocream.

One important thing to know is that has never been my aim to demean the medical profession or medical treatments.

The advances made by men and women of integrity and intelligence has led to marvellous advances being made and has also led to you and me becoming more educated so we could make more informed choices about the medical treatments, or otherwise, we wish to try to soothe or treat whatever problem we have.

I choose to treat myself with a wee range of more holistic treatments and  a PUVA sunbed which I have used at home now for almost 4 years.

This mixture has been a good one for me. I am not psoriasis free but my skin and scalp are around 85% clear now and for that, I am grateful.

There is one persistent patch about 3 inches across on my butt…it has been so stubborn over the years that I have nicknamed it “the mothership”.

That patch kept me in hospital for days after the other bits had cleared and I would have been allowed home.

And, it has always been the first to come back.


Roscara Seaweed Baths

Once I discovered how much seaweed skincare products help my skin, I’ve never looked back.

Try a Roscara Seaweed Bath and enjoy the healing benefits of wild Irish, organic, hand-harvested seaweed in the comfort of your own home.

Each pack can be reused 3 times, so you’ll be able to treat yourself to 3 seaweed baths.

Soak yourself for 20 minutes or so, pat yourself dry and then use your favourite moisturiser.

You are going to be amazed at how luxuriously soft and silky your skin will feel. 

This is Me Now

If you had told me a seaweed bath could help my psoriasis I wouldn't have believed you...until I tried them myself. Now they are an important part of how I treat my skin. Love them.
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