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    Roscara Soothing Seaweed Lotion

    Moisturizes and treats even the most unmanageable skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis, molluscum contagiosum, rosacea, cold sores, acne, rashes and sunburns. It stops itch in its tracks.
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  • This Daily Moisture Face Cream is packed with IRISH SEAWEED EXTRACTS and infused with JASMINE organic essential oil which has been renowned for centuries for its rejuvenating effect on the skin. The scent has been described as exotic and sensuous, intense and warm and really gives an inner sense of beauty. It also contains NEROLI organic essential oil, produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, and very calming on the skin. It has rejuvenating and regenerating benefits for every skin type. And, helps maintain moisture levels. Its...
    • anti-bacterial
    • anti-inflammatory
    • anti-viral properties
    • make it ideal also blemished skin.
    Quickly soaks into your skin. Size-50ml
  • This luxurious Green Angel Night Cream is uniquely formulated to help maximise the skin's natural repair system and help rejuvenate the skin throughout the night. With a blend of mineral-rich, hand harvested organic IRISH SEAWEED EXTRACTS and a rich, blissful blend of calming and moisturising JUNIPER, NEROLI, LAVENDER, SANDALWOOD, CHAMOMILE & FRANKINCENSE organic essential oils this cream will help deeply nourish the skin while you sleep. It helps to hydrate and improve skin elasticity and targets fine lines. The calming and nourishing organic oils feel so luxurious as they soak into your skin helping prepare you for a good nights sleep. Size-50ml
  • Mara Seaweed Dulse is a healthy salt alternative ideal for keeping on the kitchen counter or dinner table. Containing 30g of pure dried seaweed flakes, the pouch makes it easy to add seaweed to any meal. 85% lower in sodium than table salt. Dulse is also rich in iron and protein, making it a nutritious choice if you're meat-free. Eating dulse seaweed whole is an ancient tradition in Scots and Irish culture. And with its robust, salty taste, it’s no wonder dried dulse makes a great seasoning too. The small, heathery purple flakes have a coastal aroma and offer a umami savouriness to dishes, creating a wonderful depth of flavour. Dulse has a natural, lingering smoky taste. It's delicious when generously shaken on dark green vegetables and rich, powerful meats. For an extra savoury hit without the salt, use Dulse flakes to season steak or lamb chops before cooking, or stir into family favourites like spaghetti bolognese and chilli before serving. Dulse is also perfect scattered on top of Mediterranean veg or mixed through crispy kale.