Strolling in Lalande : The Importance of Fresh Air For Your Skin

So many of you have asked me to keep you updated on my week’s holiday in France at the beautiful family villa of my friend, Shelley. I feel so privileged to stay in such luxurious accomodation. We are going to spend the rest of today by the pool as the sun has been out since early this morning, and I could do with a lie down after wolfing down warm crusty bread with cherry jam and a chocolate croissant…no wonder I am nowhere near as dainty as I would like. But, that is an entirely different story for another day!


Lalinde is in the Dordogne region in Aquitaine in southwestern France. It lies on the Dordogne River and was initially enclosed within fortified walls of which little remain today.

In its past, Lalinde was a strategically important military site, being the first English bastide town; it suffered a number of sieges during the Hundred Years War and again in 1562 and 1572 during the Wars of Religion.

The train station was built in 1877 and the bridge over the Dordogne River in 1880, though there are signs of earlier crossings including a ford going back to Roman times.

In 1944 the local Resistance paid a heavy price when on 21 June many of Lalinde’s sons perished in the Mouleydiere massacre.


BoulangerieFor those of you who are yet to visit France, one of the more irrestible temptations is the boulangerie ; a bakery specialising in home made breads. There is also the patisserie, a bakery which specialises in sweets and pastries made by a certified master bakery chef. But, quite often the two are combined into a boulangerie-patisserie and chock full of home made breads of all sorts of shapes and sizes, croissants… including the chocolate ones I mentioned earlier…tarts, pastries, quiches, sandwiches and biscuits with mouth watering selections of home made jams and marmalades. I can absorb a million calories just looking!

One of the reviews of our local boulangerie-patisserie in had a rather strange meaning after translation from French to English :-

“In addition to being used in the right mood, the bread is delicious, and the pastries are impeccable”.

Bet you didn’t know there is a right and a wrong mood for eating bread and impeccable pastries!

A Teeny Weeny Bit of History : A Fun Fact

This part of the world is known for the famous Cyrano de Bergerac, a novelist, playwright and supreme swordsman who was the inspiration for the famous play by Edmond Rostande written in 1891, later to become a major motion picture with Gerard Depardieu.

The Importance of Fresh Air for Your Skin

According to Craig at the :-

In 2010 an interesting study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that simply being outside for 15 mins was enough to greatly improve mood and vitality, and this was further improved by being amongst nature. Going for forest walks to improve health is not a new idea though, and in Japan these walks are called ‘Forest Bathing’, which has been shown to not only improve mood, but also boost the immune system by increasing the number of immune cells/ anti-cancer proteins, and reducing stress by lowering the amount of cortisol in the blood.

Being outside in fresh air, with its higher oxygen levels

  • helps purify your blood
  • soothes nerves
  • helps digestion
  • induces a more restful sleep
  • reduces stress
  • invigorates vital organs helping the body’s defence meachanisms in getting rid of toxins and impurities
  • bathes us in natural light, allowing the absorption of Vitamin D which helps improve and strengthen the immune system


You can also get great benefits to your skin if you can safely sleep with a window open! It was simply marvellous on holiday having the extra benefit of smelling the beautiful lavender which grows there so profusely.

Just in case you missed this, you can read about a little about the “The Story of Lavender” here.

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Lots of Love from Rosaline

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