Roscara Testimonials

 Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

Roscara Lotion

This product is absolutely miraculous there is no other way to say it.I have chronic rosacea, in fact, my face looks like a baboon’s …. well you know, (see picture 1) and so I was doing some research on treatments for rosacea and came across these products.Unfortunately for me, they are very much out of my price range as I am disabled and would need to save for a while, and so i contacted the manufacturer and asked if they would be prepared to send me out a sample pot to see if it would work before i spent such a large amount of money.Rosaline, owner and creator of Roscara emailed me and said she would be happy to send me out a sample and gave me some fantastic advice about the best way to use this product and so i very excitedly sat waiting for it to arrive.The day after contacting her i got my parcel, opened it up to find out that i had received a full size bottle of this lotion, but also full size bottles of the anti ageing serum, day cream and night cream, all lovingly wrapped up in Irish green bubblewrap.I immediately contacted her to say thank you and after some more advice about using the additional products i started to test this.Rosaline said that because my face was so sore, it would be best to keep the lotion in the fridge and that it may sting a little because of the sea minerals whilst my skin got used to it, so in the fridge it went and 24 hours later i started using it.I have used absolutely nothing else on my skin for a week now except warm water and a muslin cloth, also on advice from Rosaline. I would soak the cloth in warm water and then clean my face and then apply this lotion, i have done this twice a day for a week.

The change has been astonishing (see picture 2)

I cannot use makeup as a rule because it causes flare ups on my face and so both pictures are totally natural, straight off the camera and untouched.

I honestly cannot believe the difference it has made and cannot praise Rosaline and Roscara enough.

Tremendous customer service, incredible advice and truly outstanding life changing products.

I will be continuing with this forever, i am now, under advice from Rosaline, going to start adding the serum next and then in time the day and night cream. I will be reviewing those in the months ahead as i am going to introduce them gradually.

Thank you to Rosaline for not only being generous enough to send me these for free, but for the advice, the humour, and for creating and making a product that has literally changed my life.”


Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed

“The product arrived earlier than expected. The Roscara was a desperate attempt to help treat Molluscum on my 4.5-year old’s face and torso. We have already seen good results within 2 days as the Molluscum has reduced in size significantly. Now I’m curious to discover it’s other uses.”


Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

“This is a lovely soothing lotion that I bought after a friend lent me some, I have sensitive itchy skin and this really works a charm – I slather it on often.”

Brenda, Derry, Northern Ireland

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

I have to say I absolutely LOVE the Roscara lotion! I put it on an odd little plaque I have had for two years on my forearm – like a spot, which occasionally gets itchy, so I would scratch it and it would not scratch off but went all hard and weird and scarred: Then a month or so later reanimate again. I put in on the plaque twice a day, and for the first time in all the time I’ve had it, there has been a change. There is still a scar, but it has faded and gone very soft and even with the rest of my skin. Sorry for the gruesome details, but I am actually very excited about that.

The Roscara lotion is wonderfully, wonderfully soothing. I put them on hives I broke out in the other day (must have been something I ate) and the itching stopped within a minute or two; and the hives settled down without me having to resort to antihistamines. Whatever it is, it is *perfect* for my super-hyper-sensitive skin.

Marya Millar, Thunder Bay, Canada

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

“Normally when I try a new product it causes my eczema to flare up. This, on the other hand both soothed and moisturised my sensitive, dry itchy prone skin. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.”

Sandra Wallace, Glasgow, Scotland

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

“I’ve had a rash on my face for years, itchy, red, irritating, with outcrops of liquid filled spots, even when these cleared my skin was left red and sore. Diagnosed seperately as shingles, herpes, multiple allergies and finally S.D. all the prescribed creams did very little to help, after a while it simply spread to more of my face.
After trying, in vain, all sorts of odd remedies found on the internet,  on Amazon. It sounded worth a try, I found cheaper versions, mainly with aloe vera as the main ingredient, but I wanted an organic product, so bought this.It wasn’t at all what I expected….lotion brought to mind something like baby lotion. This is a clear gel. Thanks to the absolutely brilliant pump bottle only the tiniest amount is dispelled at one time and that tiny amount is enough to do your whole face. Again the feel of it was not what I was expecting, it leaves your skin feeling quite taut, not moisturised as lotion does.
But, it’s a miracle. Within days I noticed a huge difference, within a week or so my face was back to normal. Being quite cynical I thought it might be pure chance. I stopped using it when the rash was totally clear and now as soon as I notice the first signs of it re-emerging I use the lotion at night and it works straight away. I am convinced!It also works for other skin troubles, I have post-herpatic neuralgia after shingles and this soothed as nothing else has done.
Quite apart from all that, the package contained a charming note about Roscara, which brought a nice personal touch. The whole presentation says this is a good quality product through and through.”


Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

I just want to say that I found this lovely soothing gel and am hooked! I get flaky skin on my face especially in the winter months that can look a bit like eczema and is really itchy and a real pain to deal with but this gel is so soothing I have been able to use it round my eyes ! Brilliant and its all natural not a steroid in sight I will keep a stash in for my dry skin conditions . Thank you Roscara!

Shelley Naughton, Chester, England

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

I just LOVE this balm. If like me you have dry, sensitive skin try popping it on under your day and night creams. My skin just drinks it in. Another tip is to massage it into your cuticles. Your nails will really thank you for it. I really can’t speak highly enough of this balm. It is brilliant.

Mrs Sandra Wallace, Glasgow, Scotland

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

I thought the lotion was fantastic so when this balm came out I could not wait to try it. We have very harsh Canadian winters that start early and I get extremely dry skin. The first time I used this, the dryness was gone immediately. I have used it daily since. It’s a fantastic product which absorbs well and you get a lot in the container. It’s also a fantastic lip balm too.

I like how all the ingredients are all natural and I love that it comes from Ireland. I don’t know, there is something magical about that place and something magical about these products.

Joyce Yamashita, Toronto, Canada

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

I used Roscara and it really soothed the burning sensation I get on my skin. Reduced the redness and immediately felt cooler. 

Tony D.

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

Find this keeps my hands really soft and it calms most blemishes the kids get. Great lotion for any farming household. Well done making the most of our local resources.

Monica G.

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

I have to say Roscara is fantastic. Just waxed my legs and after wax lotion it usually  takes 6 hours for redness to go; tonight redness was away after half an hour. I also use Roscara as an all round lotion for hands, face and body. Highly recommend this product to leave skin very soft.

Bregeen Mc Keegan.

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

Having tried endless creams and lotions for my 9yr old son’s eczema,  I’m delighted to have found a healthy product that works for him. Really good stuff that. Thanks

Dom Mc G.

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

I have used Roscara on my eczema, it takes away the redness of the inflamed skin, relieves the itching and clears it up in no time!!:-) Definitely recommend this product!! Thanks for your great invention!! 🙂

Laura Montgomery.

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

I bought this on Fair day and think it is fantastic! Leaves skin so so soft. I would strongly recommend this product and is good value for money. It has good healing properties for inflamed skin. Good to get a product made with local produce.

B McKiernan.

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

My son had a small eczema type rash on his trunk and thigh. I put Roscara on and the rash was gone in a day!

Moira Hughes.

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

Good stuff that Roscara.  I’ll be ordering some more shortly. It’s certainly helping my hands and I’ve had psoriasis for 35 years !!

D Cameron, Scotland.

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

“I have been using the lotion on my face after shaving as it is very soothing. I have been free from cold sores since …a thing I would have been bothered with often enough.”

I Tannion.

Dear Roscara Wild Irish Seaweed,

This lotion is amazing and has had such a positive impact on my son’s molluscum contagiosum. From what i had read online and from what his paediatrician said there were no real successful treatment options. I panicked because his bumps were spreading so fast it was overwhelming. While waiting for two months to see a paediatrician I stumbled upon this product. Once we started this lotion, the spreading stopped immediately and his body started to fight this virus off. He was almost all better before we even got to the dermatologist. So thankful for this wonderful lotion. What peace it has given our family!

Brandi, Vancouver, MA.